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Watch Lync Conference 2014 Sessions


Watch the Lync Conference 2014 Keynote! (2/18/2014)

Universal Communications

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Ten years ago we believed in Unified Communications

There was a false disruption in the industry with VOIP – the only way to distinguish it was to turn over the phone set and look for an RJ11 vs. an RJ45 jack.
In October 2003, with no phones, no pbxs, and the benfit of not being tethered to past LCS2003 was launched believing in:
- User Experience, Two things on the desk (PC+Phone) doing things twice completely different like directories. We wanted integrated communications into applications used everyday.
- Microsoft was founded on the principal that general purpose processors can transform computing, in last decade we believed they would transform communications as well.
- We also thought end-to-end general purpose networks would transform how communications networks would be built.

Ten years later all has changed, all vendors believe in this, and no one buys pbxs.

Customers are buying into our vision & products, with massive momentum and adoption


Lync Is #1 In UC Voice

- Microsoft has 1/3rd of the worlds long distance voice calling is on Skype
- Microsoft is committed to cross platform : 130 Million out of the 300 Million devices on Skype are Android or iOS

Behind Numbers


Accelerated Delivery


Mobile Demo - Speak to Join

On Windows Phone : “Lync Show my meetings”, this is an example of the intelligent platform we are working on, we released this version last month using Windows Phone Open Speech API.
"Lync join my current meeting" - Last year we showed 1-click join, how could we improve that, how about No-Click-Join.

Mobile Content


Cross Platform Meetings Rock


Mobile Enhancements

Last year we had 3 major updates on WP+IOS, and 2 for android phone app updating quite quickly.
Android Tablet by end of June. Anonymous join from mobile, so guests can join your meetings e.g. iPad.

Desktop Enhancements

The Lync Modern client on Windows 8.1 has had two major updates, leveraging native 8.1 features to answer calls from lock screen, split screen with any dimention, and advance content.

Lync + Skype Video

Our new CEO says world is mobile focused, so here's an iPhone, we want IW's to be productive wherever they are, whatever device they choose, even without desktop or office, be able to collaborate and be productive. Lets see PPT on iPhone. LyncSkypeVideo


At the conference we saw Jabra Pro 935 and Biz2300 corded headsets, also MV Pro from Sennheiser for Music and Lync. Logitech launched their CC3000e Video / Speaker-phone.
We are seeing greater integration between software & hardware e.g. based on contextual intelligence with wearable tech Plantronics offeres seemless-transfer using Lync call transfer api so proximity events (near /far / events) in hardware will automatically direct calls you to your cell phone when away from your desk.

Lync can protect your investment in the Cisco/TANDBERG systems you bought years ago before Lync Room Systems

Last year demo’d LRS, we've seen great momentum and excitement, what about if you made your choice years ago? Well now with Lync you can protect your investment in those systems.
“Invite more people to my meeting… Tandberg legacy vtc”

Bing Extensions with Skype - 1-800-Revolution - Rich and Region Free

Rather than a click to call where you pay for the minutes to PSTN with Skype Call Extension the business pays much like 1800 number, but without the geographic limitations enabling better B2C experience.
Try out Skype-Wifi NOW

B2C Web Communication

How about if businesses wants to go beyond making it easy for people to make audio calls, and embed rich communication in to website.
This is using JLync (Codename) java script wrapper around UCWA, developers can integrate all modes of communication into their website.

Recap the coming year

We'll also be supporting meeting weather its 1,000 or 2,000 participants

Changing Landscape


Consistent Experience


Context & Application Inteligence


All Devices


Video Everywhere




UC as our Future


Reimagine UC as Universal Communications


We want to connect Billions


Lync Conference Canada - Calgary

Lync. The most connected communication platform for businesses.

Keynote Presentations

Introduction and New World of Work  Introduction and New World of Work Learn about transformational trends shaping businesses
Microsoft’s Vision for Enterprise Communications & Demonstrations   Microsoft’s Vision for Enterprise Communications & Demonstrations Microsoft’s vision for Enterprise communications, connecting the Living Room to the Boardroom with Skype and Lync, including a demonstration of Lync 2013 and innovative new meeting room solutions.
TELUS Work Styles and Microsoft partnership   TELUS Work Styles and Microsoft partnership An overview and benefits of TELUS flexible work program and partnership with Microsoft.
Customer Panel   Customer Panel A customer panel featuring Heather Reed-Fenske (City of Calgary) and Darryl Pitchko (TransAlta Utilities) hosted by Janet Kennedy, President (Microsoft Canada).


- How Microsoft IT Deployed Lync
- Communications Reimagined: Why Lync and the Business Case for Unified Communications
- More than just Video: Extending the Lync Experience into the Conference Room
- Mobility & The New World of Work


- What's New in Lync Devices and Interoperability with Existing Investments
- Optimize Lync Deployments on the Network and Wireless LAN
- Advanced Lync Video and Lync Room System Deployment

Lync 2013

Fun Lync Videos by Customers: Volvo, and King Country (The End to Phone Tag, Love Lync)

Multiparty HD video and content sharing.

Lync 2013 Enable great meeting experiences and collaboration. Be there without going there.

Video gallery: The video gallery simultaneously displays up to five different participants’ videos, identifies the active speaker, and associates names with faces. HD photos represent all additional meeting participants.

H.264 SVC support: Lync uses open standards, including H.264 SVC, to enable HD video conferencing across a range of devices.

Presenter controls: Lead meetings professionally with presenter controls that are accessible but don’t distract, and that are designed to optimize for the type of meeting, audience size, and the content and/or video sources available to participants.


A modern communication experience accessible from almost any device

Keep everyone working together effectively, no matter where they are or what device they happen to be using. Lync delivers a familiar and engaging communications experience across a variety of devices and platforms.

Optimized for an immersive Windows 8 experience: Reimagined for Windows 8, Lync provides fast, natural, hands-on control of communications across the entire range of Windows 8 devices and architectures.

Lync Web App: Both PC and Mac users can now join a Lync Meeting from a browser and enjoy the rich Lync Meeting experience, including multiparty HD video, voice over IP (VoIP), instant messaging, and desktop, application, and PowerPoint sharing.

Lync Mobile: Lync Mobile enables communication with anyone, no matter where you are. Send an IM, make a Lync call, or even join a Lync Meeting with just one touch—from a Windows Phone, or an iOS or Android device. Stay productive on the go with voice and video over IP, PowerPoint sharing, and more collaboration capabilities.

Lync 2013 mobile apps for Windows Phone 8 and iOS will be available in early March, with Android coming roughly a month later. We’ve added VoIP and video over IP to all of the apps, and added the ability for iPad users to view shared desktop and application content in a Lync meeting. We’ve built these apps with real users’ needs in mind—and have even designed in features that preserve mobile battery life.

BlackBerry Link | Link

Lync 2010 Mobile Clients -Video Below-

Integration across Office apps

Lync connects hundreds of millions of people, their communications, and the applications they use every day, helping them work better together and be more productive.

Communicate directly from within Office: Lync is integrated into Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote, and other Microsoft Office applications, so users don’t have to leave the application they’re working in when they need to reach out to others.

Single identity: Lync highlights a user’s Active Directory identity, rather than a telephone number, during all real-time communications, providing all their contact information in one convenient spot.

OneNote Share: Save processing time for frequent meeting organizers and hosts. Lync automatically captures participant lists via OneNote. And meeting organizers and participants can share and co-edit meeting notes directly from Lync, so they don’t have to switch back and forth between applications.

Federation with Skype

Connect with anyone on Skype, which enables rich communications among hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Extension of Lync presence, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer voice capabilities to Skype users: Extend your reach by connecting Lync users with Skype users. Lync-to-Skype federation opens a new communications door for enterprises searching for inventive and differentiated opportunities for new customer acquisition, customer retention, and business-to-consumer communications.

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